BIZI LED BULB | Blackout Light

HEGS Australia

When the power goes out BiZi BULB™ automatically turns on using its inbuilt micro-chip and lithium battery. Use as a phone & tablet charger, torch or hanging light.


  • Emergency blackout bulb
  • Energy saving LED bulb
  • USB phone & tablet charger
  • Hook attachment with torch switch


  • Keep your family safe in an emergency
  • Energy saving LED light bulb
  • A phone & tablet charger
  • Handy LED torch or hanging light


  • Power 7W
  • Input voltage AC100-240V/DC5V
  • Lumen 560 lm
  • CCT 800K
  • Battery capacity 2600m/ Ah
  • Working time 6 hrs
  • Charging time 4 hrs