Garden Pallet | Starter Pack

Garden Pallets by HEGS™ are Australian designed and manufactured from super strong polypropylene, our durable lightweight Garden Pallets are 320mm in diameter with a 210mm opening and are designed to be permanently left under a pot plant.

By raising pots off the ground they keep bugs out of roots, preventing damage to your plants, and allow for water drainage and increased air flow. Garden Pallets have been designed to use with Foldable Garden Trolley making for fuss free and back saving movement of heavy pots around the garden, deck or office


  • 1 x Foldable Hand Trolley
  • 6 x Garden Pallets
  • + 2 x Bonus Garden Pallets


  • Garden Pallets are light and durable but super strong
  • Garden Pallets are 320mm diameter, 210mm opening
  • Garden Pallets holds up to 50kg
  • Garden Pallets lift pot plants above the ground
  • Hand Trolley folds away neatly for storage
  • Hand Trolley has puncture-proof solid rubber wheels
  • Hand Trolley is made with powder-coated heavy duty metal 


  • Easily move heavy pot plants by yourself
  • Aids water drainage, air flow and prevents roots growing in paving
  • Prevents haven for bugs and diseases
  • Long lasting and can be left permanently under the pot plant