Mini Pallet | 10 Pack

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Mini Pallets by HEGS™ are designed in Australian and manufactured from super strong polypropylene. Mini Pallets are small and lightweight, yet strong and durable. Used in conjunction with a hand cart or sack truck, Mini Pallets can move and store cartons, kegs and equipment. Mini Pallets are designed to raise goods off the ground allowing for easy access underneath.

This allows stock to be easily moved, reducing the risk of serious injury, and with no double or triple handling, the Mini Pallet will save your back and save your time. With raised edges allowing for airflow, water runoff and trolley access to be easily moved, Mini Pallets are also ideal in commercial kitchens and cold rooms.

Food and stock boxes are raised off the floor, reducing moisture damage to the cartons, and in the event of a spill, goods can be easily manoeuvred to allow for a quick clean up.


  • 10 x Mini Pallets (black)


  • Light & durable
  • 400mm (outside), 380mm (inside), 260mm deep, 40mm high
  • Designed for home or office
  • Reusable & handy
  • Sit off the floor


  • Reduce physical strain
  • Time saving
  • Save your back and time
  • Store cartons on mini pallets
  • Safely move cartons, drums and equipment 
  • Keep goods off the floor