• These pegs are wicked I already have some but just want to say they're worth it, 2 years and they look brand new, super strong and can't get lost when they're bright orange!

    Cara Elizabeth Jamieson

  • A peg that won't rot in QId heat and is easy for arthritic hands? Yes please!!! I am already backing one thing on kickstarter...will check out Poppi now.
    Good Luck.

    Diana Mary Dureau

  • Have had these since they came out i love them am taking some to America next week to brag about our Proud South Aussie Brand

    Raelene Mary Hooper

  • A sexy new laundry basket to match those pegs!! "Get your washing easily over that rough terrain...easy on your back" Seriously though....l do love those pegs...Thank you

    Mel Reu Garry

  • I love my hegs pegs would never use anything else after using them and I have had no breakages at all from our harsh Aussie sun I fully recommend them to all if it wasn't dark I would show you my washing line full of them. Oh they also keep the washing in with our strong winds too well done to the inventor of these

    Teri Steenhuis

  • My hubby bought some of these pegs. I was really unsure of them at first but now I've used them a bit I love them, they are really easy to use and the hooks are handy for bra straps. I'm now interested in how they do in the sun as my previous brand were cracking near the pivot point on them.

    Julie Hodge

  • I have used the same brand of pegs for years, I bought some of these and 'pardon the pun' I'm hooked!!

    Mary Moore

  • I love these pegs. They hold the thickest heaviest items on the line. Would love to have more of them. Love the look of Poppi.

    Patricia Burford

  • Omg yes please!! I have 2 full sized clothes lines side by side at my house. Having 2 boys with autism, one very severe means the washing never ends

    Linda Krouwel

  • I my hegs pegs. Totally the best pegs ever. They even have hooks to hang strappy things on and multiple items if the line ever gets full! Totally the bomb! Buy them at Foodland!

    Cat Vbee

  • Yessss !! i am so sick of my pegs breaking and now my 1 year old is a master at finding the broken plastic peg bits and putting them in her mouth ..where can i buy these little gems ?

    Jules Walker

  • These pegs are fantastic. I bought 2 sets but can always use more. Can't wait for the laundry basket.

    Gaye M Higgins