Hang or hook

Use HEGS Pegs to peg your laundry to the line in the traditional way or you can hang garments from them using HEGS' Patented Dual Hooks.

Save line space too! Use HEGS to hang multiple garments at the same time.

Strong & durable

HEGS Pegs are made to last. Made from High Grade Polypropylene with a UV Stabiliser and a Stainless Steel Spring, HEGS are designed for the outdoors.

Designed and Made in Australia...we know how tough the outdoors can be!

Less peg & crease marks

HEGS Pegs leave less crease marks on your clothes than traditional pegs.

And by using the Patented Dual Hooks to hang clothes such as shorts and jeans from the belt loops, or tops and dresses by the straps - well... there'll be even less ironing to worry about!

And no one loves ironing!

Save space

Save space on your clothesline with HEGS' Dual Hooks. Hang mutliple garments at the same time from the same pegs. Great for small clotheslines and balcony airers.

Secure Grip

HEGS Pegs have a large surface area and a wide mouth.

Your laundry will be secure on the line - even in windy conditions. Large laundry items are no problem for HEGS Pegs

And HEGS Pegs are easy to grip, requiring minimal hand strength to use. Just apply light pressure to the top, clip and release.

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