Secure Grip

Your clothes will stay secure in windy conditions when you use HEGS pegs.  The wide grip makes HEGS easy on the hands.

Hang or hook

Hang or hook your clothes leaving less peg & crease marks. You can even use the peg to hang multiple garments at the same time.

Strong and durable

HEGS are made of 100% recyclable polypropylene which has been UV stabilised. We use a stainless steel spring so you you won't get rust marks on your clothes.

100% Australian Made and owned

In 2019 Steven & Christie Thompson purchased the HEGS Brand internationally.  Based in Adelaide Australia, they decided to consolidate HEGS manufacturing back to Australian shores.


HEGS began when Scott was hanging out the laundry at his home in South Australia. When confronted with the prospect of his wife’s strappy black dress he thought “if only I had clothes pegs with hooks, I could hang the dress by the straps & eliminate peg, line and  sun marks!” 

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